Where is Maldives?
Maldives is located in Indian Ocean below Sri Lanka

How are Transfers organized from airport to resorts?
transfer are by speed boat, seaplane & domestic flights.

What is the usual climate?
The Maldives has a tropical climate with warm temperatures & a great deal of sunshine year – around.
The weather is determined largely by the monsoons. The northeast monsoon from December to April & the southwest monsoon from May to November.
During which period more rain is experienced. As the Maldives is situated across the equator, severe storm are rare.

Are the medical facilities available on the resorts?
Yes. Most of the resorts they have a medical center and in-house Dr.

Are children allowed in resorts?
Yes, but some of the resorts they don’t allow kids. However most of the resorts they allow kids and also have kids club and babysitting facilities.

Could you please explain the meal plan and, the type of menu that is available in resorts?
Your meals are included on the package you choose. bed & breakfast package includes only breakfast / Half board meal plan includes breakfast & dinner / full board includes all 3 meals in a mail restaurant.
most of the resorts they have a coffee shop for daily meals open all day and al-cart restaurants

Please advise on the method of payment?
You can pay by major credit cards.
VISA, Master Card, Maestro and American Express

DO we have to pay our extras to the resort by local currency?
It is not necessary to change any money to the local currency. Within the resort, you are asked to sign all your extras to your villa. You may check your bills at any time and pay it daily if you wish. The resort accepts US Dollars, Euros, Sterling Pound, Swiss Francs, and major credit cards. Personal cheques are not accepted.

What is the best currency to bring to the Maldives? Is it US Dollars?
US Dollar is preferred all over the Maldives but we do accept Euros, Sterling Pound and Swiss Francs as well.

Will I need much ready cash?
It is advisable to have some cash at hand when travelling in case you want to buy some small items.
Notes must be issued from 2006 and onwards as the banks in the Maldives no longer accept previous versions of USD currency.

Do I need to bring beach towels?
No. All the resorts & Hotels in Maldives will provide you beach towels in daily basis
Can you please let me know what kind of electrical sockets do you have in the rooms?
All the resorts & Hotels have square pin electrical sockets in all the rooms and the voltage is 220.

Do the villas have safes?
Yes, All the resort & Hotels have in room safe

What about cell phone coverage?
Yes major mobile phone networks have roaming. for more details please visit www.dhiraagu.com.mv

How many shoes do I need?
You don’t really need to bring a lot of shoes but if you are going to the gym then you would need gym shoes otherwise you can do with open slippers.

Is it possible to get married in Maldives?
All the resorts have Renewal of Vows services, however, please do note that this is not a legally recognized ceremony.

Do you have any evening entertainment on the resorts?
Yes all the resort they have evening entertainment. Disco, Live band, traditional Drumming, crab race etc….