Group Holidays

Sharing a group holiday in the Maldives with family, friends or colleagues is a great way to explore the enthralling islands. Such a group holiday will make the holiday twice the fun. There are grand accommodation options and countless adventures waiting for visitors choosing a group holiday in the Maldives.

Resort islands will provide extravagant accommodation options within close proximity to the entire group. There is no limit to the size of the group, as the resorts are equipped to accommodate any sized entourages.

Embark on scuba diving expeditions together with your group and feast on the majestic beauty of the marine world. Witness the impressive fish and colourful coral gardens while you swim alongside your group.

From water sports to indoor and outdoor activities, spend a joyful vacation with your crowd. Indulge with your group in the heavenly and tempting cuisine offered by various restaurants located in the resorts.

A group holiday aboard a liveaboard is a perfect way to explore the Maldives. Your entire group can reserve a liveaboard and traverse through the unfathomable ocean. A liveaboard holiday gives the opportunity for exclusivity and privacy as you enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the Maldives with just your counterparts.

There are countless holiday varieties available for visitors choosing a group holiday. Your group can embark on a sailing holiday on a magnificent sailing boat fitted with plush facilities. Enjoy the sun while you take in the sight of the beautifully scattered islands offering a view of the lush green skyline and white sandy beaches.

Surfers from around the world also choose group holidays in the Maldives. A surfing group can ride the legendary swells and visit numerous surf breaks together aboard a boat.

Uniquely the Maldives offer private islands for group holidays. These private islands adorned with luxury can be occupied by the group for the entirety of your stay. Enjoy exclusive rights to
the island while your group engages in a holiday experience of a lifetime. Explore the common interests of your group and create lasting reminiscences in the Maldives.