Surfing Holiday

The Maldives boasts of great waves that attracts and excites surfers from around the world. The islands located in the centre of the Indian Ocean are exposed to the monsoon tides and Southern Ocean swells, resulting in the constant wave generation.

The Maldives is an ideal surfing getaway due to the consistent waves amidst the picture perfect tropical surroundings. The surfing conditions in the Maldives accommodate for beginners and seasoned surfers.

There are hundreds of famous surf spots across the Maldives. Look out for the flamboyantly named surf breaks in the Maldives. Be mindful that while some of these surf spots are apt for the beginners, intermediates and experts are qualified for the tricky surf breaks.

Generally the surfing season of the Maldives continues from March till October. The months of June, July and August bring legendary swells that rise over eight feet in height. The most popular surf spots in the Maldives are found in the North and South Male’ Atolls. However, recent years have seen the new discovery of unsullied and uncrowded surf breaks in the central, northern and
southern parts of the country.

Resort islands offer luxury holidays to surfers with the added thrill of riding the soaring waves. Uniquely there are some resorts in the Maldives exclusively equipped for surfing holidays. Since different surf breaks are located in distant areas, to reach them charter boats can be hired on pay-as-you-go basis.
There are also local surfing companies managed by local surfers with years of experience providing thrilling access to the surfing scene. These companies and resorts offer surfing gears and surfing lessons to prospective surfers.

International surfing events and competitions are held annually in the Maldives. During such global events you can witness the skills of some of the most prominent international surfers and local talents.